Benton Roberts

Sofware and Scalability Engineer


I am a veteran computer professional with the technical and communication skills to apply cutting-edge digital technology to any organization’s bottom line. With more than 20 years of industry experience, I combine the hardcore technical expertise of an old-school sysadmin and new-school coder with the business pragmatism of a startup veteran.

Hands-On Skills




Deeper Expertise

Cloud Workload Management

Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Enterprise Operations

Recent Experience


Deputy CTO, Redgrave Stregic Data Solutions (San Francisco)


Principal Staff Cloud Engineer, Medidata Solutions, Inc. (New York / San Francisco)

  • Designed and implemented several different deployment mechanisms based on evolving business requirements. The latest container-based deployment system saves the company 5-figures per month in AWS costs through increased server density.
  • Played a key role in managing the company’s cloud footprint, as it’s grown from several VMs to several thousand. Medidata is the world's heaviest user of Amazon's Relational Database Service (RDS).
  • Involved in negotiating and evangelizing company technical standards, from post-IPO to recent company acquisition.


Chief Operations Officer, Aranetic LLC (New York / D.C.)

  • Applied agile technical and business practices to reducing legal discovery costs.
  • Used Amazon Web Services, SQL databases, and no-SQL document stores, to build a rapidly-scalable document processing system.
  • As a principal, performed customer requirement interviews as well as MVP prototyping.


Head of System Operations, Starcut USA, Inc. (New York City)

  • Built and managed an early, high-profile deployment of cloud technology at scale, for hosting the 2008 Beijing Olympics mobile web site for NBC. Successfully served considerable request load before ELBs or EC2 autoscaling were available as AWS Services.
  • Responsible for the 24/7 uptime and support for several hundred high-profile mobile web properties.
  • Managed the company video transcoding pipeline.